Ten Tips for Buying an Oriental Rug

Ten Tips for Buying an Oriental Rug

An oriental rug is perhaps one of the most attractive additions to any modern home décor. With a long and distinguished historical record these beautiful rugs are almost always handmade using meticulous detail and care. As the name implies oriental rugs come from some of the most exotic places on earth. From Tibet situated to the north of India to Turkey, Iran and China as well as a variety of other Oriental countries, the handcrafted production of unique oriental rugs has been going on for centuries. Most people familiar with oriental rugs would likely agree that these custom handmade creations are really much more than just floor coverings and are indeed beautiful individual works-of-art to be enjoyed by everyone.

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There are a number of ways to buy an oriental rug that includes actually going to the Far East in search of the perfect rug, or simply visiting an outlet here in the west that specializes in these handmade art pieces. With unsurpassed workmanship and incredible attention to detail, a Persian rug is a joy to own, however, there are a few things you should know when buying a custom rug of this type. What follows are ten highly useful tips that will help to guide you in your pursuit of finding the ideal handcrafted rug from the orient. David Oriental Rugs store is an expert in this unique field and has been helping individuals select from a wide selection of affordable quality hand woven rugs for many years.

These ten useful and informative tips for buying a rug handmade in the orient, featuring attractive design and quality craftsmanship, include the following:

1. Learn The Industry Vernacular
This simply implies that it is a good idea to know and understand the words and terms that are commonly used in the Oriental rug industry. Read More

2. Consider Trying Before Buying
Nothing quite compares to physically seeing a rug in the actual room in your home where it will eventually be integrated into your décor. Read More

3. Work Only With An Expert In The Field
As with all things in life, when you are not an expert yourself it is wise to rely on an expert to help you make the right decisions. Read More

4. Always Consider The Antique Value Of A Rug As An Investment
In addition to looking great an oriental type rug can also be quite a good investment, offering prudent buyers a possible impressive return. Read More

5. Know The Origin Of The Wool Used
Not all wool is the same and can in fact vary in quality substantially based on even the kinds of grazing that sheep have been doing. Read More

6. Purchase Based On Artistic Appeal
At the end of the day, investments aside, you will be living with your purchase for what will likely be a very long time, so make sure you truly enjoy the look of your new rug. Read More

7. Never Rush Into An Oriental Rug Purchase
Take time to explore all your options when making an important purchase of this nature. Read More

8. Education Goes A Long Way When Shopping For An Oriental Rug
Learn as much as possible about the actual rug making process to be a more informed shopper. Read More

9. Understand A Key Determinant Of Rug Quality – Knot Density
The density of the knots in this type of rug will reveal a lot about its quality. Read More

10. Plan Your Colors Carefully
Know in advance what colors you are trying to match throughout your home and stay true to your existing home décor. Read More

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