Education Goes a Long Way When Shopping For an Area Rug

Education Goes a Long Way When Shopping For an Area Rug

Prior to making a purchase designed to last for many years it is always a good idea to learn all that you can about the subject and the product to be purchased. With regard to buying an oriental rug, this is equally true. When buying a rug that has been hand woven in a far away place like Tibet or New Zealand it is first essential to learn how these rugs are actually made. For example, an oriental rug is most often woven on a loom. During this process, strands of wool are stretched from what is referred to as a beam to another beam. In general, this stretching process is from a top beam to a bottom beam. Next, during the hand weaving process, the weaver weaves horizontal rows called wefts thus weaving in and out between what are known as warps. It is an age-old process and it produces some of the most attractive carpets in the world.
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A Hand Made Oriental Style Rug

While a vertical loom is often used to craft an areal rug, other methods may be used. The hand crafting process varies from global region to global region, one thing is certain and that is that a hand made oriental style rug is a unique item that can enhance the interior design of virtually any room. David Oriental Rugs has been in the imported rug business for a long time and has helped countless buyers find the exact rug to fit their interior décor plans. Having built a reputation based on trust and respect, the company continues to deliver outstanding service and products as related to oriental rugs. Turn to experienced professionals that will help you in educating yourself on many of the complexities of oriental style rug buying.

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