Look No Further for the Most Trusted Experts in Cleaning and Restoration of Persian and Oriental Rugs in Houston

Today’s approach to interior design reflects a globally-inspired aesthetic which is more spirited and eclectic than ever before. This new decorating hybrid of pairing the familiar with the exotic, and the traditional with the modern, can, when well done, elevate a home or office from sensible to sensational. And there is simply no better way to welcome this look into your home than by adding carefully selected area rugs that span across multiple styles. Picture everything from antique finish rugs to contemporary rugs including distressed rugs which have been intentionally aged to appear simultaneously well-worn yet modern and fresh.

But just like acquiring a perfect piece of jewelry or art, investing in and then maintaining these beautiful carpets (which can include Oriental rug cleaning or Persian rug restoration) comes down to the level of trust and integrity you have for the company with whom you are working. For more than 30 years, David Oriental Rugs has been the purveyor of the best area rugs Houston has to offer,with the widest selection and best curated collection of carpets imaginable and a long list of satisfied repeat clientele.

Following is some basic information to help you feel more confident in your purchase journey and factors to consider when investing in an exotic carpet.


Oriental rugs are those made in the tradition of the hand-knotted carpets woven in what is known today as China, India, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan, Tibet and Nepal. Persian rugs are a sub-segment of Oriental Rugs but are exclusively made in what we know today as Iran. Each and every one of these beautiful rugs carries the unique motifs of its native land; consider the Oushak rooted in the regional style of Istanbul, Turkey, the Peshawar pattern crafted by Afghan and Pakistani weavers or the instantly-recognizable and iconic Tabriz Fish pattern created in its namesake ancient-Persian town. Other options include the rugs of modern Southern Asia, like Jaipur India known for their variety of floral and geometric patterns in sizes from small mats to large carpets.


Beyond providing beauty and elegance, Oriental rugs are also highly functional and deliver many benefits including:

Noise Reduction – area rugs significantly decrease noise since they are quieter to walk on than a hard surface floor and also effectively absorb sound.

Comfort – a carpeted floor is a far more comfortable surface on which to lay, crawl, walk or stand
literally taking some of the pressure off your body and joints.

Warmth – an area rug can help a room better retain heat while providing great insulation value,especially if it has padding underneath.

Care and Maintenance

Oriental rugs are a fairly resilient flooring surface thanks to the high level of materials and skill used in
their production. Simple steps to properly care for your rugs, ensuring they retain their value and beauty for years to come, include:

Rotation – be sure to move rugs from location to location and rotate from top to bottom to avoid both prolonged exposure to direct sunlight as well as to habitual patterns of traffic which, over time, can degrade texture and vibrancy.

Vacuuming – rugs should be routinely vacuumed to remove light dirt and debris. For advice on which vacuums work best on Oriental Rug Restoration Houston has a good selection of appliance stores selling specialty machines up to the task.

Spot Cleaning – should a spill occur, immediately blot excess liquid with a soft cloth then clean with a sudsy solution of mild soap, water and a splash of white vinegar, using as little liquid as possible. If the stain does not lift out, ask friends if they have recommendations for Texas-based area rug cleaning Houston included. Given the popularity of rugs in this region there are many reputable Oriental rug cleaning Houston based companies from which to choose.

Restoration – with regular Persian rug cleaning Houston homeowners should most likely avoid the need for Oriental rug restoration. But even with the most diligent of care, as they say, “accidents will happen.” If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing Persian rug restoration, don’t entrust your priceless heirloom to amateurs. Before contracting with an Oriental rug cleaner do your homework and read reviews to make sure the company you are selecting is reputable.

Equipping yourself with knowledge and clear strategies will help make the process of selecting and owning one of these heirlooms as enjoyable as it was meant to be. Start your search by contacting David Oriental Rugs who can assist with everything from advising on which style of rug will add just the dash of global flavor you are looking for to the best available Persian rug restoration in Houston and beyond.

David oriental Rugs has been a proud member of The Better Business Bureau for more than 30 years.