As many of you already know, an oriental rug can be a game changer in your Sugarland household. The natural beauty of a Bakhtiari, Mashad, Sultanabad, or Persian rug in your Sugarland home can easily transform any plain old room into a sophisticated and elegant one. Impress your friends and family with your very own hand-woven Persian rug

At David Oriental Rugs in Sugarland we have over 3,000 designer-quality handmade Oriental rugs to choose from. Among our extensive Persian rug collection we have handcrafted Bakhtiari, Mashad, and Sultanabad rugs that come in all shapes and sizes!

As your Texas rug experts, we also offer oriental rug cleaning services in Sugarland as well as rug appraisals. Our professionals have many years of experience cleaning your elegant rugs so that they can last longer and leave a long-lasting impact on your home. 

Why Have Your Rugs Cleaned By A Professional?

Do you own a Bakhtiari rug in Sugarland? It is extremely important to maintain the quality of your rug if you want to make the most out of your investment. Here at David Oriental Rugs in Sugarland, we pride ourselves in a full range of cleaning services including Persian Rugs cleaning, Mashad rugs cleaning, and Sultanabad rug cleaning. Our experts work with all kinds of materials from silk to wool. We recommend that you get your rugs professionally cleaned every three to five years for them to last longer.  And besides keeping the quality and longevity of your beautiful handcrafted oriental rugs in Sugarland, getting your rug professionally cleaned can ease any symptoms of allergies that you or your family members may experience. If someone in your family has been having issues with their allergies, the problem could likely lie in the dust and soot that hides in your Persian rugs. Here at David Oriental Rugs, we take care of your Oriental rugs before and after you’ve bought them.

Why Get Your Rug Appraised By a Professional?

If you’ve recently inherited  or acquired a beautiful Sultanabad rug, a rug appraisal in Sugarland is just what you need!  As an experienced Persian rugs appraiser in Sugarland, we highly recommend getting an appraisal to all rug owners for insurance and estate purposes. Our qualified and experienced rug appraisers can tell you the value and quality of your rug. We will also provide you with a Certificate of Appraisal, which includes all the necessary details about your area rugs and valuable carpets, and it’s accepted by all homeowners’ insurance providers.

Our well-established business in Sugarland has been serving the community for over 41 years and we will continue to provide you and our family with the highest quality, hand-woven Oriental rugs that will transform any home. By adding more warmth and character to your home, our quality rugs are that unique piece your home has been missing!