David Oriental Rugs provide a full range of services to care for all kinds of Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Antique rugs, Silk and Wool handmade rugs, Karastan, Indo-Persian, Hooked, Braided, Kilim, Soumaks, Antique Heriz, Serapi rugs, and many more in the Greater Houston area. The skilled rug restorers can point out different problems that affect Persian and Oriental rugs, including:

Tears and holes in rugs:

David Oriental Rugs repairs these damages by rebuilding any missing warp and re-knotting the pile consistent with the original motifs.

Moth damage:

Moths pose a great deal of damage to any wool rugs and Kilims. At David Oriental Rugs, these damaged rugs by moths are repaired and also they provide clients with necessary cleaning services in order to eliminate live moth larvae.

Area Rug Edge Binding:

Binding is made into rugs by taking a narrow strip of fabric and placing it over the raw edge of the rug and securing it to prevent fraying. This service is highly recommended for Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, and your valuable area rugs of any kind.

Fringe Stitching:

Fringes are the exposed areas of the warp and are often the first areas damaged in a rug. David Oriental Rugs in Houston can repair unraveled fringes as well as bind the fringes to help prevent further damages.


Rug pads keep your valuable Persian and Oriental rugs on the floor and will prevent the rugs from moving around. This also helps the rug not wear out as quickly by avoiding any wrinkling or stretching which could damage the rug. David Oriental Rugs can advise you which pad is best for the style and quality of your area rug and the floor it goes on.