Learn The Oriental Rug Industry Vernacular

Learn The Oriental Rug Industry Vernacular

Having a good vocabulary foundation and understanding the most common terms used in the oriental rug industry can go a long way in helping you to make a good purchase decision. Knowing what simple terms such as “central medallion” refer to can save you time and confusion. In this case the central medallion refers to the geometric design typically found at the center of an oriental rug. When planning your home décor and how your carpet will mix with existing furniture, deciding upon a rug that has a central medallion as opposed to a rug without one can be important. Where you intend to place pieces of furniture can play a big role in the type of rug design you choose. Learning words related to Oriental rug cleaning, oriental rugs repair and Oriental rug restoration is also important.

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Other terms that you will become familiar with while exploring the huge selection of rugs from the orient include the “fringe” or the other frayed edges of a carpet and the “field” which is simply the background of the rug. You may also want to learn about the various types of pile normally found in handcrafted rugs as well as the different types of orientation that the pile can assume. As with any purchase, it is a wise idea to know what you are talking about. The purchase of an oriental rug is no different, so take the time to do a little research and to talk with experts in the field like David Oriental Rugs. Experts with experience and in-depth knowledge can make your buying experience enjoyable and more rewarding.

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