Consider the Value of an Antique Rug as an Investment

Always Consider the Value of an Antique Rug as an Investment

While there are few décor pieces that offer the beauty and artistic flare that an antique rug offers, there are other aspects of an imported rug purchase worth considering. For example, as an oriental rug ages with time it can increase in value. An rug from the orient that is perhaps 100 years old may be considered rare and at that point may become a collector’s piece. At this stage a rug of this type clearly can have investment value. Persian rugs that are termed antique can draw interest from serious investors that know and understand the import rug business. David Oriental Rugs is a trusted and respected name that has been serving the region for a number of years. Those in search of a quality rug from the orient have always turned to David Oriental Rugs for great pricing on quality rugs. Investors trust David’s when it comes to providing accurate Oriental rugs appraisals on almost any kind of import rug or carpet.

Tabriz Antique Rug

Value-Reducing Factors for an Antique Rug

As a note of caution, it is always a smart idea to have an oriental rug or carpet inspected by a professional before making a purchase. This is important because there are a copies and imitations on the market that must be avoided. A professional oriental rug expert will check for a variety of indicators that may offer telltale signs of what could be a possible bad investment. For example, a rug may have patches or repairs indicating that the rug has been damaged or misused in some way. However, there are cases where professional repairs that have been done correctly are acceptable. Defects and other concerning value-reducing factors such as missing borders should be investigated thoroughly prior to ever making a purchase. Because an investment in an antique oriental rug can involve a considerable amount of money it is essential to work with someone that is knowledgeable and experienced in the field.

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