Understand a Key Determinant of Oriental Rug Quality – Knot Density

Understand a Key Determinant of Oriental Rug Quality – Knot Density

The quality of an imported oriental rug can often be determined by a number of factors. One factor in particular that is frequently used to help assess the quality of an oriental rug is the knot density. A “test” is often used to determine the overall strength of a rug in question. One of the simplest ways to perform this type of test is by pushing your fingers firmly down upon the base of the woven pile. If a rug is indeed well woven and the pile is tightly packed then this is a good indicator of a high quality product. Some imported rugs use what is known as the square inch count of knots. The denser the knot count is then the higher the quality of the rug in general. Every country has different guidelines and standards relating to hand made rugs, however, by working with an experienced rug importer you are sure to get the best advice in this regard.

Oriental Rug Knot Density

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