Consider Trying Before Buying

Consider Trying Before Buying

Most reputable and trusted oriental carpet stores and showrooms will offer the option where a client may try a carpet in their home before actually making a purchase. This is an excellent way to get a good feel for how a particular oriental rug will blend with your existing interior décor. Until you actually see a rug “in place” in your home and how it integrates with your furniture you will likely not know for sure if it is indeed the perfect rug. David Oriental Rugs is a company dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction and as such is always ready to offer this option to those in the market for a beautiful hand woven rug from the Far East. Actually viewing a rug in your home completely takes the guesswork out of making this type of purchase.

Comparing Various Lighting Sources

In addition, a test run in your home can allow you to examine the various lighting characteristics in your home and how they will affect the look of your choice in rugs. When comparing the various lighting sources in your home it is a good idea to view the sample rug throughout the day. For example, morning light will have an entirely different look than evening light. It is equally important to test various types of artificial lighting once the sun has set completely. When you try a rug in your home you will likely discover things that you could never discover about a rug by simply looking at it on a showroom floor. Consider this option when shopping for an oriental rug and save yourself time, trouble and money in the long run.

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