Know the Origin of the Wool Used

Know the Origin of the Wool Used

One of the most important questions a prospective imported rug buyer can ask is where did the wool come from that has gone into making a particular oriental rug in question. It is a known fact that wool originating out of climates that are moist and cool where the sheep have good grazing options tends to produce the highest quality rugs. These rugs are indicative of quality because their wool is generally soft, smooth and lustrous. In addition, this wool is likely to be long staple and far superior to other types of wool. Generally speaking, high-grade wool can usually be identified by how it feels. Regions known to have produced some of the world’s best wool include Tibet and New Zealand. Wool that is brittle to the feel or that looks dry should obviously be avoided when shopping for a quality rug.

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David Oriental Rugs is regarded as a true expert in the field of imported rugs and carpets. The company has provided expert guidance for many years to those wishing to buy an attractive and well-made oriental rug. David’s can help customers make an informed decision when making an important purchase such as an imported rug. With regard to the origin of the wool used in the making of an oriental carpet, the company can show clients how to determine if quality wool has been used in the hand crafting of a rug. Other factors that should be considered when deciding on an oriental rug include determining if any chemicals were used to treat the carpet as a way to make it appear as if it were made of higher quality wool when in fact it is not. Trust a knowledgeable imported rug expert when deciding on which oriental style rug you will ultimately purchase. David’s is also an expert on Oriental Rugs cleaning and Oriental rug washing.

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