Understanding The Composition And Color In Oriental Rugs

Understanding The Composition And Color In Oriental Rugs

94p6-16001-3Oriental rugs are beautiful beyond compare and will add elegance and opulence to almost any kind of room. That said it is worth knowing a little more about what an Oriental rug is made of and how the colors are derived. This type of rug can be made of a wide variety of different materials. Including everything from rayon to wool and cotton as well as silk and other synthetic materials. Each material has its own unique characteristics.

Natural Dye Or Synthetic Dye

Silk, for example is an exclusive type of material that actually comes from a silkworm while cotton obviously comes from a plant. Each material will have its own advantages and disadvantages that should be discussed with a rug expert. How a rug is colored is also an important consideration for those preparing to purchase an Oriental rug. Whether choosing a rug that takes advantage of natural dye or synthetic dye, this is another case where there are certain advantages and disadvantages that must be considered. Again, talking with a rug expert is always the best option.

Compared To Natural Dyes

As a note, natural dyes are typically made through the process of boiling plant-leaves. This is a process that results in unique colors. The indigo plant, for example produces the color indigo. Synthetic dyes in contrast are man-made and will usually be slightly different in terms of characteristics as compared to natural dyes. There are many subtleties and intricacies associated with dyes and how rugs or dyed. That is why doing some research or talking with a rug expert can help those searching for an area rug to make a more informed decision. Contact David Oriental Rugs today to learn more about exclusive, beautiful and elegant Oriental rugs in Houston Texas.