Why Choose An Oriental Rug That Is Composed Of Wool?

Why Choose An Oriental Rug That Is Composed Of Wool?

colorful area rug woolsOriental rugs come in many styles and designs and are composed of a wide variety of quality materials. With that said, wool is perhaps one of the more popular types of materials used in the creation beautiful and inspiring Oriental rugs. As most people are aware, wool is the result of the shearing of a sheep. Many quality wools originate in places like New Zealand and Tibet. These are considered high quality premium wools because the sheep are known for producing exceptional amounts of lanolin.

Durable And Strong

Lanolin is responsible for enhancing luminosity, texture and fiber strength. Wool can be used with a variety of rug construction methods. Most importantly, wool is remarkably durable and strong while still remaining incredibly soft in terms of feel. Wool is a strong and resilient material that can resist staining, water and moisture. Wool is also soil resistant and is far easier to maintain than many other types of materials used to make Oriental rugs.

Wool Rugs Are Considered Excellent Insulators

In addition, wool is unique in that it is highly elastic so it is able to resist foot traffic as well as markings and imprints from furniture. Even more impressive is the fact that wool is effective in absorbing airborne contaminants. This ultimately results in improved indoor air quality for homes and businesses that incorporate wool rugs. Another important consideration with regard to Oriental rugs that are composed of wool is that they are more eco-friendly than other rugs made from different materials. As an added benefit, wool rugs are considered excellent insulators. This helps to prevent the loss of warm air through the floors of a home during the winter months. Contact David Oriental Rugs today for Houston Oriental rugs and Persian rugs that are beyond compare.