Tips And Strategies For Placing Area Rugs Over Carpeting

Tips And Strategies For Placing Area Rugs Over Carpeting

94p2-15517-3Today, more than ever before homeowners are looking for unique and innovative ways to add style and flair to an interior space. One example of this is the concept of adding a well-placed area rug over carpeting. While some interior designers may shy away from this type of design idea, others welcome the notion because of its unique appeal. In fact, an area rug can indeed be placed over carpeting in a stylish and tasteful way.

Add An Invigorating Punch

One of the first steps in getting it right when it comes with this type of area rug placement is to consider different textures. For example, a sharp contrast between carpeting and an overlying area rug can create a unique focal point for a room. Bright colors, unique patterns and other similar types of designs can introduce an invigorating punch into what would otherwise be a neutral room. That said, it is always a good idea to choose carefully when it comes to colors to ensure that there is good color combining.

Choosing Smaller Rugs Of Different Shapes And Sizes

One of the best ways to leverage colors within an area rug is to ensure that the colors are echoed in other items throughout the room. This may include decorations, upholstery and even curtains. Finally, size and shape can have a big impact on how well an area rug will work when it is used on top of carpeting. Choosing smaller rugs of different shapes and sizes as opposed to one large rug is another way to achieve the desired results. Shape can also be considered, including everything from curvy rugs to round rugs and circular rugs as well as square ones. Contact David Oriental Rugs today for the best in Houston antique area rugs.