Daily Oriental Rug Care Tips Every Rug Owner Can Embrace

Daily Oriental Rug Care Tips Every Rug Owner Can Embrace

94n1-5035Buying a high quality oriental rug requires that the owner maintain this treasured item in the best condition possible over the long term. As such, there are some daily rug care tips that every rug owner should embrace and consider. For example, regular and routine vacuuming of a fine Oriental rug or other type of similar rug is the best way to preserve this kind of textile product over the long term. Vacuuming is effective at eliminating dirt and dust that can work their way into the pile and cause increased wear.

A Careful And Deliberate Manner

One important concern for homeowners is to limit the use of the beater brush on a vacuum cleaner as it can cause damage and stress to a rug when it is used too often. Occasional use of the beater brush is acceptable if it is done in a careful and delicate manner. Another key concern with regard to vacuuming a fine Oriental rug is to avoid using a vacuum cleaner on the fringe. A better option for cleaning fringe is to simply use a gentle hose attachment or even a soft bristle broom.

Prevent Excessive Wear

Finally, rotating a rug seasonally or annually can help to equalize the effects of large amounts of foot traffic. Simply turning a rug 180° on a regular schedule can prevent excessive wear and can also reduce the effects of fading caused by the sun. As an added note, spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible and rug owners should consider investing in good padding as a way to reduce wear on a quality rug. As an added benefit, a rug pad will prevent a rug from moving around. Contact David Oriental Rugs today for Houston Oriental rugs and other quality pieces.