Useful Tips On How To Roll A Rug For Storage

Useful Tips On How To Roll A Rug For Storage

An Area Rug on FloorDepending on the time of year or the season many homeowners often choose to store an area rug as a way to make room for a new and different look. Rotating oriental rugs is a great way to keep a room interesting and engaging. As such, there are a few simple tips with regard to the best ways to roll an area rug for storage. First of all, a rug should never be folded as permanent damage or creasing may occur. When rolling a Persian rug or other type of quality rug it is best to begin rolling with the pile facing inward.

Begin To Roll

This is typically the best approach because the pile is not as strong as the area rug’s foundation. Begin by laying out the rug in a face up position. The pile should be facing away from the person that will be rolling the carpet. Ensure that the rug is straight and aligned when you begin to roll. A long straight edge can be used to help guide in the rolling process to keep everything in alignment. Use two pieces of muslin a few feet in diameter wrapped over the edge of the carpeting where you wish to begin rolling.

Secure The Rolled Up Rug

The same muslin process should be used at the end of the carpet as the rolling is nearly completed. This material should continue to wrap around the rug to completely cover it and protect it from dirt and possible insects. At this point it is then easy to secure the recently rolled up rug with some type of polyester or cotton tape. Finally, always ensure that you store your valuable Persian rug or Oriental rug in a safe location away from moisture and dirt. Contact David Oriental Rugs for Houston Persian rugs that are intended to last for generations.