Tips And Tricks For Making The Perfect Oriental Rug Purchase

Tips And Tricks For Making The Perfect Oriental Rug Purchase

84p6-16093-3Everyone enjoys a beautiful Oriental rug as a way to enhance the quality of any room or interior space. However, knowing a few simple tips and tricks can make all the difference in how successful an Oriental rug purchase ultimately turns out. For example, when purchasing a rug it is critical to look for the possibility of dry rot. Older rugs that have been exposed over a period of time to excessive moisture can exhibit various levels of dry rot.

Quality Of Wool

Another key factor to consider when purchasing a high quality Oriental rug is the potential for a wide range of damage to exist. This can include everything from missing fringe to frayed edges and even moth holes. Take the time to carefully inspect a rug to make certain that there is no damage prior to making a purchase. Wool rugs are particularly susceptible to damage and should be inspected in an equally thorough manner. Another important concern regarding wool rugs is the quality of the wool. Inferior wool is likely to look dull and feel scratchy.

Shape Of A Rug

Conversely, high-quality wool will feel soft, supple and have a unique glow that is obvious and apparent. Finally, when purchasing an Oriental rug it is always a good idea to make sure that the rug is on the floor and completely flat. A rug that does not lay completely flat will eventually be more susceptible to damage and wear. As an added note checking that the shape of a rug is correct is also essential. Purchasers should look for any distortions or improper shape prior to making a final purchase decision. Contact David Oriental Rugs today for Houston Oriental rug sales and service.