More tips about Persian Rug cleaning and repair

More tips about Persian Rug cleaning and repair

Oriental rugs are a feature of many houses in the Eastern side of the globe, and now have made their way into North America. The rugs date back numerous centuries ago from locations such as Turkey, China, Vietnam, India and, most recognizably, Iran. Oriental rugs come at a large price; for an authentically hand-made rug, it could be up upwards to two grand. The luxury of one of the carpets is embodied by the cultural aspect in the designs, and with that, it adds a great sentiment to your home. However, if one of these rugs is placed in a busy environment it is prone to dirt it means, with oriental rugs, cleaning is necessary.

Persian rug cleaning and repair

The burdens of maintaining a Persian, or oriental, rug is abundant and leaves most owners in disbelief of how filthy a rug can get in such a short period of time. The constant dirtying of the carpet sparks from many sources, such as sun, chemical and water damage or dog chewing, cat scratching, to even pet urine. The list of potential hazards to your oriental rug can be overbearing, and that is why Oriental rug repair can save energy in the long-run.

Oriental rug repair is common in most households, but many don’t seem to catch the essential techniques that can save you from going to professional cleaners and purposefully losing money. So, how does one make their oriental rug remain longer than its average durability span? It’s actually easy and simple with little tricks and solutions that help get dirt and grime out the first time.

Before Oriental rugs cleaning, one must access the situation and how much work is needed to be done on the carpet. Small areas of dirt or recent spillage doesn’t have to be vacuumed, but can be washed in multiple other ways. One of the commonly used techniques for scrubbing away small flaws in carpets is to gather a solution of vinegar and moderately cold water. When you have acquired the solution in a spray bottle, shower vapours of the liquid onto the designated area and let it soak for a few moments. Once a two or three minute period has elapsed, take a small brush or sponge and scrub the region of your oriental rug until the stain has worn. When you have completed the task, let the carpet dry off, and it will be good as new. However, that is sometimes not the case when you have to put on rug first aid.

Rugs can have simple fixes, but at other times need enormous care applied. To figure out whether you need to reload the cleanliness of your rug is to do a few tests. Assessment number one would be to whip the carpet up and analyze the amount of dust particles coming out however, minor amounts of particles are normal compared to outrageous amounts of debris. Investigation number two would be rubbing the palm of your hand onto the surface of the rug and seeing whether your palm became dirty and dusty. If so, with oriental rugs, cleaning is a mandatory affair you must pertain to and fix.

The ways most would clean their carpets would have to be vacuuming both sides, and quite honestly that is the easiest way to do it. If you vacuum several times a year, your carpet should be in great condition, but if not more will have to be done later on. Instead of have physical dust trapped in the carpet, it could start staining and chemically changing the rug. This is where soaps and shampoos will need to be used to remove the deep spots. Before starting the entire Oriental rug repair, it’s a must to test out the soap solution in one area to make sure it won’t damage the handmade qualities of the rug. When applying soap to the entire surface of the rug, let it soak and then run the carpet under constant water to soak the carpet even deeper. Once all of the required steps are done, squeegee the remaining water out from your oriental rug and let it sit to dry. A concern of many Oriental rug owners is that when soaking the entire carpet in water, it may make the wool or silk quality stiff; easy fixes can be done by brushing or vacuuming gently.

Oriental rugs cleaning can be a big business in some areas, but those are usually in the parts of the world where carpet care is uncommon knowledge. Although that intelligence can be the factor from you saving hundreds of dollars or losing a hand-made crafted rug that slowly heightens in price similar to wine. So before going into Oriental rug repair, make sure you know what you are doing, but believe that you can also fix it as well.