Tips On How To Keep Oriental Rugs Clean

Tips On How To Keep Oriental Rugs Clean

Treasured Oriental rugs intended to last for generations require care, maintenance and upkeep to ensure their longevity. There are a number of simple and common sense strategies that can be used to maintain the long-term integrity of any Oriental rug. Here are a few simple guidelines for keeping your oriental rug looking beautiful for years to come.

Tips for Oriental Rugs Cleaning

  1. When spills and stains occur do not delay and clean immediately. If stains and spills are allowed to set they will ultimately damage the delicate fibers that comprise your beautiful oriental rug. In addition, it is important to always use a name brand cleaning solution that is gentle and nonabrasive.
  2. When choosing to use homemade cleaning solutions follow this simple process. Mix one part white-vinegar with three parts water as a good way to do a gentle cleanup on stains, spots or soiled areas. Harsh chemicals and commercial soaps should always be avoided. Anything other than the mildest of cleaners can result in discoloration and colors that run.
  3. Make vacuuming a regular routine with regard to your treasured Oriental rug. Vacuuming action helps to loosen dust, debris and dirt from the rug fibers. In some cases it is often even permissible to vacuum both sides of a rug to gain the most in terms of cleaning potential.
  4. The drying process is often equally as important as the cleaning process with regard to Oriental rugs. Gently propping a rug up on a sturdy object can help it to air dry much faster. In addition, placing a fan in a strategic location to help a rug dry after it has been cleaned is always a good option.

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