Smart Ways For Using Oushak Rugs To Enhance A Room

Smart Ways For Using Oushak Rugs To Enhance A Room

84p2-13701There are indeed many ways to use Oushak rugs to enhance a room today. In fact, Oushak rugs can be a powerful multiplier in a room and can change the entire dynamics of a space almost instantly. For example, an Oushak rug can be effectively used as a focal point in a space and can create sharp contrast to paintings, artwork and furniture. In addition, rugs can create contrast by simply painting a room in a different color than a beautiful rug.

Substantial Effect On How A Room Looks

Oushak rug shape can also have a big impact on how a room ultimately turns out. For example, most would agree that an Oushak rug does not have to be rectangular in shape. There are more shapes and styles available today in rugs than ever before. Choosing rug shape can also have a substantial effect on how a room looks. Best of all, it is easy to move furniture around as necessary to accommodate a particular style or shape of oriental rug. From round to oval and even triangular, the possibilities are endless in terms of rug shapes.

Create The Proper Dimensions

Finally, it is always a good idea to size an oriental rug carefully when purchasing a room-sized Oushak rug. In most instances, it is best to reduce the size of a room-sized rug by 3 feet on each side to create the proper dimensions. The simple act of leaving floor edges bare around the outer perimeter of a room can make the room look larger. The same applies when using rugs in a narrow hallway. Using a runner in a hallway can create the best effect when 4 to 6 inches of bare floor space remains on each side. Contact David Oriental Rugs today for Houston Oushak rug sales and service.