A Few Simple Area Rug Placement Tips

Here Are A Few Simple Area Rug Placement Tips

Area Rug Placement and Interior DesignA beautiful area rug that is properly placed can change the entire dynamics of a room and add to its overall level of appeal. With that said, there are a few simple placement tips that can help you get the most out of your Persian rug, Antique rug or Oriental rug. For example, accent rugs and smaller area rugs can easily be placed anywhere. Conversely larger rugs are best utilized as a way to anchor a grouping of furniture or as a way to become the main floor covering for a room.

Proper Placement

In order to create a balanced look in a room, proper placement is essential. One of the most common places rugs are utilized in a larger room is under a coffee table or directly in front of seating such as a sofa. Depending on the size of the area rug, it can be placed under both the coffee table and the sofa or just under the coffee table. Either way, if a larger rug is used under both a coffee table and a sofa it is usually just placed under the front legs of the sofa as opposed to under the entire sofa.

Centered As Much As Possible

Even when using an area rug to cover the entire floor, it is best to still allow for seven to 12 inches of hardwood flooring or tile to be exposed around the edges of the room. When using an oriental rug in this way in any room it should be centered as much as is possible. Another common location where large area rugs are often used is in the dining room. However, when using a rug in this way it should be large enough to allow for all legs of all dining room chairs to be on the rug. Contact David Oriental Rugs today to explore Houston Oriental rugs designed for any room in the house.