Easy Ways To Decorate With Persian Rugs

Easy Ways To Decorate With Persian Rugs

Captivating and attractive Persian rugs can add a sense of elegance, opulence and beauty to virtually any space. The key to getting the most from these beautiful works of art is to choose a rug with colors that complement a room the best. For example, when trying to enhance a bold colored space it is often better to choose a rug that is lighter in color. Conversely, when decorating a room with lighter colored walls and trim it is more effective to choose a rug that has darker colors.

Persian Rugs Interior Design

Colors And Designs

Another effective strategy for decorating with Persian rugs is to use this type of beautiful rug as an eye-catching focal point in a room. Conversely, a larger room is often best served by having several rugs spaced throughout the area. A Persian rug can be placed under a coffee table while another can be placed near a doorway. Colors and designs should be coordinated so as to create a natural looking flow. Another great design idea is to use a longer Persian rug as a runner for a hallway. This can brighten up even the darkest of hallways.

A Runner In A Bathroom

Bathrooms are an equally important space in the home that can gain in terms of decorative appeal from a Persian type rug. A quality rug can be used as a runner in a bathroom or in front of a vanity or even as a central focal point in a larger bathroom space. Bedrooms with hardwood flooring are another perfect location for a beautiful Persian handmade rug. Most amazingly, it is even possible to change this type of rug into wall art by simply hanging the piece on a rod or by using other hanging mechanisms. Contact David Oriental Rugs in Houston to learn more.