How to clean Persian Rugs

How to clean Persian Rugs

You can do Persian rugs cleaning yourself however most people prefer to hire a professional to do it after seeing what they have to do to properly clean the Persian rug. It can be very time consuming, it can take a lot of effort and strength and you run the risk of bad allergy flare-ups and even possible damage.

If you did it yourself there are a few supplies that you will need. For instance you will need a rug beater or if you don’t have one a wooden spoon or broom will work also. You also need a bucket of water a soft bristled scrub brush, mild dish detergent and the squeegee.

Persian Rugs Cleaning in Houston

First you want to take your rug outside and hang it over a clothesline or a branch. Then you want to take your carpet beater for your wooden spoon and began to gently beat all the dust and dirt out of your rug. a lot of dust can cuddles unwanted symptoms such as sneezing and coughing.

Now you want to make a solution with water and mild dish detergent and make sure it is real sudsy. Then you want to take your soft bristled brush from the soapy solution and begin to brush your entire rug. It is best to get it real soapy. You want to scrub it really well and really get into the fibers.

After your scrub it really well and got it really soapy then take your garden hose and rinse it very well. Make sure you rinse it until the water is running clear and the rug is free of soap and suds. Then to help your rug dry faster use a squeegee while it is still hanging up to remove excess water. You want to make sure the rug is completely dry before you bring it back into your home. This prevents you from bringing mold into your house I have mold growing underneath your Oriental rug.

So you can see what a time-consuming and strenuous job Persian rug cleaning can be so why not save yourself the trouble and give us a call today. Let a professional do the job right, someone who knows how to treat your rug so that you can also avoid any potential Oriental rug repairs.