There are various rug cleaning services offered at David Oriental Rugs, one of them includes Antique Rugs. Whenever thinking of getting your Antique Rug cleaned you have to make sure to choose a company that is not only reliable but experienced in cleaning Antiques because of how rare they might be. Regardless of the size or even type of antique rug that you own, we’ll be able to clean it for you professionally, our cleaning services are that versatile.

If you’re ever unhappy with the cleanliness of your rug or you just think it could use a good cleaning, we would be happy to assist you with any of your rug cleaning needs. We recommend that you get your oriental rugs professionally cleaned with a service every 1-3 years to not only protect them, but also have them looking their best. Especially if you own an Antique Rug, it’s important to always keep them clean and looking fabulous because of how valuable they can be even if they were made many years ago.

Our top-notch cleaning services are always customer satisfaction guarantee, that being said if you’re ever not satisfied, we will do everything in our power to fix the problem. In order to satisfy our customers, we believe that a good service could be not only effective, but also convenient, which is why it only takes us a few hours to clean your rug. The materials we use whenever cleaning rugs are not only gentle, but also effective in getting many stains out.

David Oriental Rugs is a highly rated company that can promise you that your Antique Rug will look brand new whenever you receive it back after the service. We hope that the reviews past clients have written on our website will assist you in making a decision of whether David Oriental Rugs is the place you would get your rug cleaning services done. After getting your rug cleaned professionally you should lightly vacuum it every few weeks so that it can always stay in good shape and last you many years to come.


How often should I be getting my oriental rugs professionally cleaned in order to keep them looking their best at all times?

1-3 years is the recommended time frame for when you should be getting them cleaned.

How does the cleaning service process work and how long does it take?

The service itself will take a few hours for us to clean a rug and then you can either come pick it up on the same day or we can ship it to you which would take a few business days.

Does David Oriental Rugs offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on their services?

Yes, we do offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, if there’s an issue after having a cleaning service done by us, we will make sure to make it right.

Can I do something in order to care for my rug on a regular basis whenever it’s not getting cleaned?

Lightly vacuuming your rug should do the job of taking care of your rug whenever it’s not being cleaned to keep it looking good.

Are all rugs regardless of size able to be professionally cleaned with your service?

Yes, no matter the size or even the type of rug we’ll always be able to clean your rug with the same materials throughout all of our services.